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Why study Vedas?
Why study Vedas?

Why study Vedas?

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Vedas are the sunrise moment for entire mankind

Answer comes from the Veda itself

stuta mya varda vedmata prachodyantaṁ pāvmani dvijanam |

ayuḥ prāṇaṁ prajāṁ paśuṁ kirti draviṇam brahṁvarchasam |

mahyṁ dattva vrajat brahmlokṁ | (Atharvaveda 16. 71. 1)

“The loving Veda-mata [Mother Veda], one who fulfils all wishes, has been revealed for the benefit of humankind. This voice of divine wisdom cleanses and purifies all those wise people, who pursue divine knowledge. To those who study and live the Veda, this mother bestows long life, vital life force or prana, progeny, hordes of cattle, all round fame, material wealth, and divine grace. As a reward of the study of veda, when you acquire all this wealth, you must offer this wealth to God and attain Moksha [Liberation], the final goal.”

This mantra from Atharva Veda defines its bounty in four areas of our life called Purusharth [sacred duties]

Dharma or gain and practice of correct knowledge and righteous conduct, moral and rights and duties. Artha or the pursuit of means of livelihood, fair earnings and material wealth. Kama or the fulfilment of desires, physical, emotional and mental. Last and the most important, Moksha or the ultimate liberation, salvation, cessation of sorrows and pain.  

It gives its bounties as someone who is desirous of true knowledge and relentlessly pursues its teachings. 

What is promised in Veda!

Let us see what Ved-Mata promises. Like a mother it provides all round care and concern for its children.

Long life and vitality are physical benefits essential for a happy life. Power of knowledge and righteous conduct imparts fame and social respect. Divine grace accrues as result. This is the fulfilment of ‘Dharma’.

Material wealth, a life full of pleasures and good earning, social respect and fame fulfil the ‘Artha’ objective.

Material enjoyment, good family and progeny fulfil desires of this phenomenal world. This meets the ‘Kama’ objective.

What to do with this acquired wealth?

“After God bestows you with all this, don’t use it all for your own selfish use. Offer it back to God by serving ailing humanity, in any way possible. This shall open the doors of ‘Moksha’, liberation, Nirvana, cessation of pain and sorrow. 

What’s the final use of this acquired wealth?  Offer it back to God. What does the Veda mean by this? It teaches us to use this wealth to serve the needy, feed the hungry, treat the sick and infirm. That is what true offering to God means. This opens the door to ultimate salvation, Moksha, the ‘real’ objective of human life.

What a profound explanation! 

(Note – This Mantra appears in Atharva Ved )

स्तुता मया वरदा वेदमाता प्रचोदयन्तां पावमानी द्विजानाम ।

आयुः प्राणं प्रजां पशुं कीर्ति द्रविणं ब्रह्मवर्चसम् ।

मह्यं दत्त्वा व्रजत ब्रह्मलोकम् । (अथर्व० १६ । ७१ । १))

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